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2PC Forged titanium ball valve

  • Port size:1/2"~24" (DN15~DN600)
  • Pressure:PN16-PN100 CL150-CL600
  • Structure:Floating,full bore,2PC
  • Medium:Corrosive medium
  • Temperature :-29~150℃,-40~450℃
  • Body material:Titanium alloy
  • Connection:Flange or others
  • Feature:Forged structure for long service life
2PC Forged titanium ball valve introduction
2PC Forged titanium ball valve is made by titanium material internal seals for material of ball valve,2PC Forged titanium ball valve use of corrosion resistant oxidation resistance of the material is very strong,2PC Forged titanium ball valve can improve corrosion resistance oxidation ability to adapt to the complex working conditions of work, more lasting operation.

2PC Forged titanium ball valve work in humid atmosphere and sea water medium, the corrosion resistance is good performance especially strong resistance to pitting corrosion, acid corrosion and stress corrosion;2PC Forged titanium ball valve is excellent corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, chlorine organic articles, nitric acid, etc.

2PC Forged titanium ball valve has the function of rotating 90 degrees closed as hollow sphere seal parts, packing material for titanium rotating sphere seal is mainly used to achieve the role of the switch is closed, in the range of 90 - degree rotation range can be adjusted freely,2PC Forged titanium ball valve in the line for cutting, distribution, and change the flow direction of medium, can be simple implementation flow adjustment.The development trend of titanium ball valve in the future is to combine the functions of throttling and flow control.

2PC Forged titanium ball valve features
1.The ball of 2PC Forged titanium ball valve is floating. Under the action of medium pressure, the ball body can produce a certain displacement and press tightly on the sealing surface of the outlet end to ensure the sealing of the outlet end.
2. 2PC Forged titanium ball valve flow resistance is small, the ball valve is the smallest of all valves fluid resistance, even if the diameter of the ball valve, its fluid resistance is also quite small.
3. The switch is quick and convenient, as long as the 2PC Forged titanium ball valve body rotation 90°, the ball valve to complete the full open or close action, it is easy to achieve fast opening and closing.
4. Good sealing performance.2PC Forged titanium ball valve seat (sealing ring) is generally made of PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene and other elastic materials, which is easy to ensure the sealing, and the sealing force of titanium ball valve increases with the increase of medium pressure.
5. 2PC Forged titanium ball valve can achieve automatic control and remote control, can be configured with electric devices, pneumatic devices, hydraulic devices.
6. 2PC Forged titanium ball valve channel is smooth and not easy to deposit medium, so pigging can be carried out.
2PC Forged titanium ball valve specification
Pressure level: PN1.6-10.0 MPACLASS150-600lb
Nominal size: DN15-DN600 1/2"-24"
Valve body, bonnet: TA1, TA2, TA10, Gr2, Gr3 Disc: TA1, TA2, TA10, Gr2, Gr3
Stem: TA1, TA2, TA10, TC4, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5
Floating ball, reduce bore. 
ISO5211 mounting pad for option. 
Blow-out proof stem design. 
Graphite seat seal for high temperature.
Fire-proof and anti-static design if need. 
Operation: Hand wheel, Worm wheel, Pneumatic actuator & Electric Actuator. 

2PC Forged titanium ball valve standard:
Design standard: GB/T12237, API6D, ASME B16.34
Structure length: GB/T12221, API6D, ASME B16.10
Test standard: JB/T9092, GB/T13927, API6D, API598

2PC Forged titanium ball valve materiail:
Titanium Gr2、Gr3、Gr5、Gr6、Gr7、Gr12
Titanium GrC2、GrC3、GrC5、GrC6、Ti-pd7B、GrC12
Titanium GrF2、GrF3、GrF5、GrF6、GrF7、GrF12

2PC Forged titanium ball valve application:
Titanium ball valve in the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, high temperature water vapor almost no corrosion
Titanium ball valve is very resistant to corrosion in alkaline media
Titanium ball valve have excellent resistance to chloride ion and corrosion
Titanium ball valve have good corrosion resistance in aqua aqua, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine water, wet oxygen and other media
Corrosion resistance of titanium ball valve in organic acids depends on the reduction or oxidation of the acid
Corrosion resistance of titanium ball valve in reducing acids depends on the presence or absence of an inhibitor in the medium
Titanium ball valve light weight (specific gravity 4.507) high mechanical strength, widely used in aerospace, Marine ships, military fields.
Titanium ball valve because of its high cost performance, can resist the erosion of a variety of corrosive media, in the civil corrosion resistant industrial pipeline, can solve the corrosion of stainless copper, copper or aluminum valve is difficult to solve the problem.It has the advantages of safety, reliability and long service life.Widely used in chlor-alkali industry, soda ash industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical fertilizer industry, fine industry, textile fiber synthesis and bleaching industry, basic organic acid and inorganic salt production, nitric acid industry, etc.

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