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2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve

  • Port size:DN15-DN300
  • Pressure:PN16-PN100 CL150-CL600
  • Structure:2PC,Full or reduced bore
  • Medium:Corrosive or high temperature medium
  • Temperature :-40~1000℃
  • Body material:2520 310S
  • Connection:Flange,Thread,SW,BW is optional
  • Feature:For strong corrosive medium
2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve introduction
2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve is austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel, stainless steel brand is 06Cr25Ni20,310S,2520 duplex stainless steel.2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve sealing is reliable, simple structure, sealing surface and the spherical often in the closed state, not easily be medium erosion, easy operation and maintenance, 2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve is applicable to water, solvent, oil, gas, acid and gas, such as general work medium, but also is suitable for the working conditions of media, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, in petroleum, electronics, chemical industry, medicine, textile, food, machinery, building, nuclear power, etc.
2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve specification
Pressure Class: PN1.6-10.0 MPACLASS150-600lb
Nominal size: DN15-DN300 1/2"-12"
Driving mode: handle, worm gear, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric
Applicable medium: oxidizing corrosive medium.
2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve technical specification:
Design standard: GB/T12237, API6D, ASME B16.34
Structure length: GB/T12221, API6D, ASME B16.10
Test standard: JB/T9092, GB/T13927, API6D, API598
2PC 2520 310S Stainless steel ball valve Main Part material:
No. Part name Material
1 Body 310S 2520 0Cr25Ni20
2 Bonnet 310S 2520 0Cr25Ni20
3 Ball 310S 2520 0Cr25Ni20
4 Shaft 310S 2520 0Cr25Ni20
5 Seat PTFE、RPTFE、PPL、PEEK、Graphite、Metal seat
 310S 2520 stainless steel floating ball valve Material characteristics
310S 2520 stainless steel floating ball valve material 310S  2520 stainless steel belongs to 25CR-20NI series of high-alloy stainless steel, high temperature oxidation resistance is excellent, suitable for making various furnace components, max. high temperature 1200℃, continuous use temperature 1150℃.  310S 2520 stainless steel floating ball valve is used for furnace, materials for automobile purification plant.310S stainless steel is austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel with good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, because of the higher percentage of chromium and nickel, it has much better creep strength, can continue to work at high temperatures, has good high temperature resistance.Nickel (Ni), chromium (Cr) content is high, has good resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature performance, high temperature resistant steel pipe is dedicated to manufacturing occasions such as the electric heating furnace tubes, stainless steel after the increase of carbon content in austenite size, due to its solid solution strengthening effect strength was improved, the chemical composition of stainless steel austenite size features based on chromium, nickel, add, tungsten molybdenum, niobium and titanium elements, due to its organization is face-centered cubic structure, thus has high strength and creep at high temperature strength.
310S 2520 stainless steel floating ball valve material Features
1. Good oxidation resistance
2. Wide range of temperature (below 1150℃)
3. The solid solution state is non-magnetic
4. High temperature strength;
5. Good weldability.

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