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Stainless Steel Air Supply Ball Valve

  • Port size:DN10-DN25
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 64
  • Structure:One Piece
  • Medium:Air,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~150℃
  • Body material:304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Connection:Threaded end or others
  • Feature:Customized according to client's requirement

China Stainless Steel Air Supply Ball Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. Stainless Steel Air Supply Ball Valve model includes QGQY1-10, QGQY1-16, QGQY1-25, QGQY1-40, QGQY1-64, Stainless Steel Air Supply Ball Valve also known as QGQY1 type air ball valve, air valve, stainless steel ball valve, the silk ball valves, threaded, ball valves, threaded ball valve, card sets of ball valve, instrument ball valve, ball valve, two points, 4 points ball valve, 1 inch ball valve, ball valve, six points PN16 ball valve, PN25 / PN64 ball valve, high pressure ball valve, stainless steel valve, silk KouKa set of ball valve, internal thread card set of ball valves, high pressure ball valve, ball valve, 304, 316 stainless steel ball valve, through ball valve. 

Stainless Steel Air Supply Ball Valve performance specification:

1. nominal pressure: PN1.0 ~ PN6.4 Mpa;

2 .nominal diameter: DN10 ~ 25 ";

3.applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium;

4. manufacturing materials: WCB, 304, 316, 316L or others

5. piping: brass Φ 6, 8, Φ Φ 10 steel pipe Φ 12, 14, Φ Φ 16, 18 Φ etc.