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2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve

  • Port size:1/2"~2" (DN15~DN50)
  • Pressure:PN10-PN64 CL150-CL600
  • Structure:Floating,full bore,3PC
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~150℃,-40~450℃
  • Body material:CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M or other stainless steel
  • Connection:Thread:BSP,BSPT,NPT,G,RC
  • Feature:ISO 5211 mounting pad
2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve introduction:
2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valveof NPT,RC,BSP,G Thread ball valve and double acting or single acting pneumatic actuator, 2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve is used for medium diversion, confluent and flow direction switching, any pipe can be used as an inlet or outlet.P2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve is matched with electric valve positioner, and the operation can be controlled by inputting 4 ~ 20mADC signal and 0.4 ~ 0.7mpa air source, so as to realize the adjustment of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level and other parameters.2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valvestroke limit switch, solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve and air source of 0.4-0.7mpa can realize switch operation, and send two pairs of passive contact signals indicating the valve switch.2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, light textile, electric power, food pharmaceutical, refrigeration, aviation, aerospace, papermaking and other industrial fields.
2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve product range:
-Ball valve size: 1/2" ~ 2" (DN25-DN50)
-Pressure: ANSI Class 150~600(PN16-PN100) 
-Temperature: -46ºC~ 450ºC
Body Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Trim: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel
Pneumatic automated ball valve Design: BS5351, ANSI B16.34, DIN, JIS
Pneumatic automated ball valve Mounting Pad: ISO5211
Pneumatic Actuator Air Supply: 3bar~7bar

2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve feature
(1) the fluid resistance is small, and the resistance coefficient is the same as the pipe segment of the same length.
(2) Pneumatic ball valve is simple structure, small volume and light weight.
(3) Compact and reliable, the ball valve sealing material is widely used in plastic, good sealing, in the vacuum system has also been widely used.
(4) Convenient operation, fast opening and closing, from full open to full close only rotation 90°, convenient for remote control.
(5) Easy maintenance, simple ball valve structure, sealing ring is generally active, disassembly and replacement are relatively convenient.
(6) When pneumatic ball valve fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and valve seat is isolated from the medium. When the medium passes, it will not cause the erosion of the sealing surface of pneumatic three-way ball valve.
(7) Wide range of application, diameter from small to a few millimeters, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.

2 Way NPT Female pneumatic ball valve information:
1). Pressure Range: Max. Working pressure 10bar 
2). Air pressure: 2.5bar~8bar 
3). Adjustment Range: 90° ± 5° 
4). Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +90° C 
5). Type: Double-acting, Single-acting (spring return)
6). Optional accessories: Solenoid valve, limite switch, electric position, air regulator
7). Lubrication: All the moving parts are coated with lubricants, extending their service life 
8). Life Time: One million time 

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