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Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve

  • Port size:1/2"~24" (DN15~DN600)
  • Pressure:CL150-CL2500
  • Structure:Extended bonnet structure
  • Medium:LNG,Liquid Oxygen,etc.
  • Temperature :-196℃
  • Body material:F304 F316 F316L or others
  • Connection:Flange,Thread,SW,BW is optional
  • Feature:Low temperature treatment and test
Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve introduction
Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve for LNG service is suitable for medium temperature -40℃ ~ -196℃,cryogenic ball valve is called low temperature ball valve,which is mainly used for ethylene, liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant, gas LPG, LNG storage tanks to accept base and goonhilly, air separation equipment, oil chemical tail gas separation equipment, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, carbon dioxide cryogenic storage tank and tank lorry, psa oxygen generating device, etc.The output of liquid low-temperature media such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, not only flammable and explosive, but also in the heating to gasification, gasification, the volume expansion of hundreds of times.
Size: 1/2 ~ 24 "(DN15 to 24"))
Pressure grade: 150~1500LB(PN16~PN250)
Connection: Flanged, welded, threaded.
Cryogenic ball valve materials: LCB, LC3, CF8.
Working temperature: -46℃, -101℃, -196℃.
Applicable medium: liquefied natural gas, ethylene, propylene, etc.
Driving mode: manual,gear, bevel gear, electric,pneumatic.

Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve Structural design feature
Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve is divided into low-temperature cryogenic floating ball valve  and low-temperature cryogenic trunnion ball valve. For the temperature is higher than -50℃, the long-neck structure is generally not adopted. For the ball valve with the temperature lower than -50℃, the neck length T is generally 250mm, or determined by the design and calculation of our company.Low temperature ball valve is mainly used to output liquid low temperature medium such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid ammonia, liquid propane, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, etc., not only flammable and explosive, and in the heating to gasification, gasification, the volume expansion of hundreds of times.
Material selection
The material of liquefied natural gas valve is very important, the material is not qualified, will cause the outer leakage or inner leakage of the shell and sealing surface;The comprehensive mechanical properties, strength and steel degree of the parts can not meet the use requirements or even fracture.Causes the liquefied natural gas medium to leak causes the explosion.Therefore, in the development, design and development of liquid natural gas valve process, material is the primary key problem.Valve body and bonnet: LCB(-46℃), LC3(-101℃), CF8 (304) (-196℃).
Low temperature treatment
Our factory to the production of low-temperature cryogenic ball valve through special low-temperature treatment, the rough machining parts in the cooling medium for several hours (2-6 hours), to release the stress, to ensure the low-temperature performance of materials, to ensure the precision machining size, in case of the valve in low-temperature working conditions, caused by temperature deformation caused by leakage.

Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve main part material
No Part name AS to ASTM SS to ASTM
1 Body Type A352 LCB Type A352 LC3 Type F304(L) Type F304(L)
2 Bonnet Type A352 LCB Type A352 LC3 A182 F304(L) A182 F304(L)
3 Bolt A193L7 A193 3 B8 A193 B8 A193 B8M
4 Nut A193L7 A194 8 A194 8 A194 8M
5 Seal ring/Gasket RTFE+Cu/Nylon/1010/PPL
6 Ball A182 F304 A182 F304(L) A182 F304(L) A182 F316(L)
7 Shaft A182 F304 A182 F304(L) A182 F304(L) A182 F316(L)
8 Packing RTFE+Cu/Nylon1010/PPL/Graphite
9 Gland A105N A351 CF8
10 Lever A193 L7 A193 B8 A193 B8 A193 B8
11 Suitable temperature ≥-40°C ≥-101°C ≥-196°C

Flanged end LNG Cryogenic ball valve characteristics:
1. An extended bonnet to the cryogenic ball valve can make the packing gland in the valve and the actuator further away from the cold process so the valve can open and close properly, protect it from freeze-damage caused by low temperature fluid.
2. Low operating torque for smoother operations.
3. Excellent seat and seal design minimizes leakage.
4. Fire-safe design.
5. Rigid body construction minimizes thermal shrinkage.
6. By adopting different materials, the cryogenic ball valve is applicable to different working temperature and medium. The minimum temperature for the ball valve is -196ºC. 

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