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Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve

  • Port size:2'' ~ 24''
  • Pressure:Class 150 ~ Class 2500
  • Structure:Trunion mounted,3PC
  • Medium:LNG, liquid hydrogen, nitrogen,oxygen
  • Temperature :-46°C~-101°C~-196°C
  • Body material:LCB/LCC/LF2/CF8/CF8M/CF3M
  • Connection:Flange
  • Feature:Extended bonnet
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve introduction
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve refer to valves that can be used under low-temperature conditions. Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve operating temperature is below -40℃.Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve mainly used in ethylene, liquefied natural gas and other chemical installations.

The output of liquid low-temperature media such as ethylene, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum products, not only flammable and explosive, but also in the heating to gasification, gasification, the volume expansion of hundreds of times.Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve is one of the important equipment indispensable in petrochemical, air separation, natural gas and other industries. Valve body and bonnet :LCB(-46℃), LC3(-101℃), CF8(304)(-196℃).
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve  after special low temperature treatment, rough machining parts in the cooling medium for several hours (2-8 hours), to release the stress, ensure the low temperature performance of the material, ensure the precision machining size, in order to prevent the valve in low temperature working condition, caused by temperature deformation caused by leakage.
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve is used for low temperature working condition,especially for some hazard media, such as liquidized natural gas. Applied to LNG plant, LNG receiving station, LNG gasification station and LNG carrier and ship.
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve main parameter
Nominal diameter: DN50- DN600
Nominal pressure: 150LB- 2500LB
Working temperature:-196 - +29ºC
Driving means: handle, electric actuator
Material: Stainless steel, Forged Steel , LCC/LCB, CF8/CFM8
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve technology standard
Design standard: API 6D , ASME B16.34
Structural length: API 6D, ASME B16.10
Test & inspection :API 6D, API 598
Pressure and temperature:ASME B16.34
Flange ends :ASME B 16.5 , JB/T 79
The size of valve connecting flange can be designed according to customer's requirement.
Trunnion mounted cryogenic ball valve feature:
1. An extended bonnet to the valve can make the packing gland in the valve and the actuator further away from the cold process so the valve can open and close properly, protect it from freeze-damage caused by low temperature fluid.
2. Low operating torque for smoother operations.
3. Excellent seat and seal design minimizes leakage.
4. Fire-safe design.
5. Rigid body construction minimizes thermal shrinkage.
6. By adopting different materials, the cryogenic ball valve is applicable to different working temperature and medium. The minimum temperature for the ball valve is -196ºC. 

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