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Q46F Flanged End 4 Way Ball Valve

  • Port size:1/2"~16" (DN15~DN400)
  • Pressure:PN10-PN64 CL150-CL600
  • Structure:4 Way Structure
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~180℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc.
  • Connection:Flanged end or others
  • Feature:Different structure is optopnal
China 4 Way ball valve manufacturer,factory and supplier, Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve with manual hand lever operated, 4 way double X port design. Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve known as two-way four-way rotary valve, the 4 way ball valve can be a valve to achieve positive and negative water supply switch, each turn 90℃, water supply mode switch once, before the need for 4 way ball valve, water supply valve 1, 4 open, valve 2, 3 closed; Reverse water supply valve 2, 3 open, valve 1, 4 closed, now use a four-way ball valve instead, easy to operate. 

Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve is suitable for liquid, gas, slurry and solid particle medium circulation system. Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve  is adopted to replace the working principle of manifold and valve group of the process, which simplifies procedures, facilitates operation, reduces cost, facilitates control and has good synchronization

Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve Specification: 
Product Name Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve 
1. Material WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF8M,etc. 
2. Size 1/2~16 inch ( DN15~DN400)
3. Port Full Port, Double X port
4. Working Pressure 150LB~600LB,PN10~PN64
5. Connection Ends Flange 
6. Working Temp.  -29~180℃,-40~450℃ or according to customer requirements for different industry. 
7. Suitable Medium Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid
8. Operation Handle operated, Locking device is option
9. Inspection & Testing According to API598,JB/T9092
Q46F Flanged end 4 way ball valve Product Feature: 
1. Floating ball, full bore. 
2. ISO5211 mounting pad for option. 
3. Blow-out proof stem design. 
4. PTFE/RPTFE seat seal( Seat seal material could be decided by customer's request or according to valve's medium & temp. Condition). 
5. Fire-proof and anti-static design if need. 
6. Operation: Hand wheel, Worm wheel, Pneumatic actuator & Electric Actuator.