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Motorized actuated segment V ball valve

  • Port size:1/2"~24" (DN15~DN600)
  • Pressure:PN10-PN40 CL150-CL300
  • Structure:Segmented V ball valve
  • Medium:slurry, drainage, fiber and small particles,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~150℃,-40~450℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc.
  • Connection:Flange,Wafer
  • Feature:China segment V ball valve manufacturer
Motorized actuated segment V ball valve introduction
China segment V ball valve manufacturer,factory and supplier,Motorized actuated segment V ball valve is a quarter-turn advanced control valve of the structure, the transformation from back quarter-turn electronic electric actuators and V type ball valve structure, Motorized actuated segment V ball valve driven by the power supply voltage, the industrial automation control instrument source of current or voltage signal input signal, which can realize the process piping fluid proportion in regulation and two switch control.V-ball valve spool is designed with special shape V-notch, with accurate flow characteristics and control function,Motorized actuated segment V ball valve is suitable for gas, liquid, solid particle and other medium control.Because there is no gap between the valve core and the seat rotation,Motorized actuated segment V ball valve has a great shear force and self-cleaning performance, especially suitable for the suspension containing fiber or small solid particles and solid particles of the working conditions of the automatic control system.

Motorized actuated segment V ball valve main technical requirement:
Structure Segment ball
Nominal Diameter Wafer type 1/2”~10” (DN15~DN250), Flange type: 1”~24”(DN25~DN600)
Pressure Rating ASME Class 150 ~ CLASS 300
Connection Wafer type
Body Material WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, LCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3 .etc
Trim Material Carbon steel、304、316、316L、17-4PH
Packing PTFE, Flexible Graphite
Washer Serrated washer (extremely soft CS, SUS316.etc), wound gaskets
Characteristic On-off or regualting function
Ratio 100:1
Seal Surface Soft seal 、 Metal seal
Travel 90°
Coating Black for Carbon Steel, Stainless steel without coating

Motorized actuated segment V ball valve Product Feature
1.Motorized actuated segment V ball valve with AC220V, AC380V or DC24V power supply voltage, accept from DCS, PLC systems or adjust the instrument, the operator input (4-20 ma, 0 to 10 ma, or 1 to 5 VDC) current or voltage signal, can control operation, has a mechanical and electrical integration structure, has a built-in servo operation and opening position feedback signal, position indicator, the function such as manual operation, strong function, reliable performance, simple wiring and control precision, small volume, light weight, small flow resistance, flow coefficient, simple structure, good sealing performance.

2.Quarter-turn electronic electric actuator of Motorized actuated segment V ball valve is V type ball valve drive device, it to the power supply voltage for the power, to accept a unified standard signal (4-20 ma, 0 to 10 ma, or 1 to 5 VDC) and turn it into and the displacement of the input signals corresponding to the change of valve core rotation Angle (0-90 ° at any Angle), so a certain input signal corresponding to a certain Angle, realize the proportional action.The two-position switch type accepts AC220V or AC380V for power, realizes the switching action through the positive and negative rotation of the motor, and outputs the valve position indication signal at the same time.

3.Excellent regulation for Motorized actuated segment V ball valvee: V-type valves have an approximately equal percentage of inherent flow characteristics and adjustable ratios up to 300:1.V-type valves therefore provide accurate control over a wide range of variations.

4.Maximum flow volume of Electric segmented V type ball valve: due to its streamlined shape and full right Angle rotation control, the maximum volume is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large, the flow resistance is small, so you can use a smaller and more economical valve size.

5.Electric V notch segment ball valve with double bearing structure, high mechanical stability, small starting torque, to ensure that the valve has excellent sensitivity and induction speed.

6.Maximum reliability (safety) : the Electric segmented V type ball valve body as a whole structure, strong and durable, operation is not affected by pipeline pressure, and can avoid leakage of the body.

7.Superior sealing of metal seat of Electric segmented V type ball valve: V-type valve adopts elastic movable metal seat, with self-compensation function, excellent sealing performance and long service life.In the flow direction, the leakage quantity is ≤10--5× rated flow coefficient.

8.Super shear capacity: Motorized actuated segment V ball valve use metal hard seal structure, V-type valve core and metal seat in the rotary process, V-type notch and seat to produce a strong shear force, can cut off fiber and other impurities, and has a self-cleaning function, to avoid the valve stuck phenomenon.
Motorized actuated segment V ball valve actuator technical parameters 
Supply voltage: AC220/380V, 50/60Hz
Output torque: 50NM ~ 10000 NM
Range of action: 0 ~ 90°, 0 ~ 360°
Action time: 15 seconds /30 seconds /60 seconds
Protection device: overheat protection
Ambient temperature: -30° ~ 60°
Manual operation: with the attached handle operation
Limit: electrical and mechanical double limit
Protection level: equivalent to IP-65
Explosion-proof grade: ExdII BT4;ExdII BT6 can be customized for special requirements
Position measurement: optional switch or potentiometer
Driving motor: 8W/E
Incoming line interface :PE1/2 "incoming line lock