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How to use a 3 way ball valve?


3 way ball valve has three ports or entry points for gas or fluid flow (media) to move through that are attached to piping or conduit. Depending on the flow path through the valve, these ports are typically defined as one inlet and two outlet ports or one outlet and two inlet ports.The ball of a 3 way ball valve can have an L or a T configuration. Furthermore, these specific kinds of the ball valve are available in a floating or trunnion configuration, with either type of valve end (flanged, socket, or threaded connection) and in a range of plastics, metal, alloy, and stainless steel materials.

3 way ball valves are common because they are a cost-effective and easy way to control both shutoff and flow paths in a single valve body.

Controlling the flow through a three-way valve is achieved by a variation of how the pipe is lined up, how the valve ball rotates the handle, and how the valve ball flows through the ball.

 3 way ball valve

How to use the 3 way ball valve? Let's see it in this article.

1. When the 3 way ball valve
 is used as globe valve and gate valve, they are only fully open or fully closed, and do not adjust the flow. Then, it can avoid the erosion of sealing surfaces, accelerating wear and affecting the sealing of pneumatic valves.

2. The long-term storage of 3 way ball valve should be checked on schedule. The exposed processing surface should be cleaned to remove the dirt. They are neatly stored in the indoor ventilated dry place, and it is strictly prohibited to pile in open places.

3. It often keeps the 3 way ball valve dry and ventilated and keeps the cleaner and tidy, in accordance with the accurate storage methods.

4. During the installation, 3 way ball valve can be directly installed on the pipeline according to the connection mode and the use position. Generally, it can be installed at any position of the pipeline, but it needs to be easy to operate and inspect. Note that the medium flow direction of 3 way ball valve should be upward from the bottom of the disc of the longitudinal valve. The 3 way ball valve can only be installed horizontally.

4. We need to pay attention to the sealing of 3 way ball valve so as to prevent the leakage phenomenon, which will affect the normal operation of the pipeline.

Above is about the features and detailed description of the method of using 3 way ball valve. The 3 way ball valve has a simple structure, and it is small in volume and light in weight. It is easy to operate and the maintenance is convenient. The applicable scope is wide. 


pneumatic 3 way ball valveElectric 3 way ball valve

There are many ways a 3 way ball valve can serve or control the flow depending on different process requirements, one can achieve it using the right valve type and setup. Some of the requirements that a 3 way ball valve can achieve are:

  • Restrict the flow completely.
  • Mix two different fluids from different sources.
  • Flow can be diverted from one destination to another.
  • Flow from one inlet can be directed to two different destinations.
  • It can block one outlet while allowing flow to continue in another direction.

There is a single, but key, internal design distinction that defines what a three-way ball valve will do. This significant design distinction is the flow pattern or outline of the port through the ball within the valve. Most of the three-way ball valves have flow patterned valve balls shaped as either a capital L, which has two flow paths, or capital T, which has 3 flow paths.