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How to maintain pneumatic ball valve?


Pneumatic ball valve is fitted with a pneumatic actuator instead of a manual handle operation to turn the valve on or off. They have a direct connection to the valve stem and can turn it a quarter of a turn. Though actuators and ball valves are different components they are frequently used in conjunction. So, getting them as a package to ensure conformity is more advantageous. When you combine an pneumatic actuator and a ball valve, you get an automatic ball valve that can be controlled remotely. The actuator and the ball valve are connected by a connection interface. The connection interface consists of a shaft, or stem, that connects the valve ball to the actuator, and a flange that bolts the actuator to the valve. A brand-specific actuator can be installed on a compatible brand-specific valve. Different ball valves and actuators, on the other hand, can be used as long as they comply with the same standard, such as the ISO 5211.
Pneumatic 2 way ball valvePneumatic 3 way ball valve

How to maintain pneumatic ball valve?

The maintenance of pneumatic ball valve
 has a very important role in the service life of the ball valve. We tell you a detailed understanding of the maintenance of the pneumatic ball valve as follows.

Maintenance notes of the pneumatic ball valve:
1. The appearance is clean with no dust. The device should be free from water vapor, water and oil contamination.

2. The sealing of the pneumatic device should be good, and the sealing surface and point should be complete and firm, strict and non-destructive.

3. The manual operation mechanism should be well lubricated, and the opening and closing are flexible. If the operation is automatic, we should take off the handle to avoid accidents. For manual worm gear mechanism, the indicated nut should be returned to the "automatic" position. The equalizing pressure valve should be closed during automatic operation.

4. The cylinder inlet and outlet gas joint is not allowed to be damaged. The cylinder and air pipe system and all parts should be carefully checked, and there should be no leakage affecting the service performance. At the same time, confirm that various parameters (such as air pressure, voltage signal, etc.) can meet the requirements.

5. It is not allowed that the pipe has a sag, and the signal device should be in good condition. The indicator light of the signal device should be intact. Whether it is the pneumatic signal device or the electric signal device, the connection thread should be intact, and there is no leakage.

6. The operating air should be filtered dry air, and the air needs to be dehumidified below the dew point of -15℃.

7. The filter should be regularly cleaned. The lubricating oil should be added to the air source if the switch is frequent or under harsh conditions.

8. In the process of use, if we find that the valve positioning is not correct, check the feedback rod of the valve positioner and output shaft of the cam screw is loose or not.

9. The ball valve on the pneumatic device should be intact, and there is no leakage. The opening is flexible, and the air flow is smooth.

10. The whole pneumatic device should be in normal working condition, and "on" and "off" are flexible.

Pneumatic ball valve thread endpneumatic ball valve flanged end

Above are the maintenance notes of the pneumatic ball valve. The disassembly process of pneumatic ball valves is much needed patience, followed by professional technology and tools. As the disassembly is not single, it can also mean to pack up after disassembly. We can not tear it in violence. After we finish the disassembly, the installation and maintenance of the parts are the core.