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YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve

  • Port size:DN6-DN65
  • Pressure:31.5Mpa,21Mpa
  • Structure:One piece
  • Medium:hydraulic oil or others
  • Temperature :-20~+80℃ or higher temperature
  • Body material:A105 or F304 F316 F316L etc.
  • Connection:Female thread
  • Feature:For high pressure hydraulic oil or others
YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve introduction
YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve is suitable for putting through and cutting off in hydraulic system pipeline.YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve is made of steel forgings, the surface is chrome-plated, the appearance is beautiful, the operation is convenient, the sealing performance is good, it is the product of the hydraulic system pipeline.Operating temperature: -20~+80℃(please explain when ordering high temperature ball valves)

YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve features
YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve adopts integral forging processing, the hydraulic ball valve is simple in structure, convenient in operation, small in fluid resistance, reliable in sealing performance, replaceable sealing parts and payment parts, increasing the life and reducing the user cost;YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve has the characteristics of small flow resistance loss, reliable sealing performance, convenient operation and exquisite appearance.High pressure resistance, wide application, can be used to control the hydropower station oil, gas, water pipe system on and off.

YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve Technical parameters
1. Name and code: ball globe valve;
2. Medium temperature: -20℃ ~ +80℃ or high temperature;
3. Nominal size: 6 ~ 65mm;
4. Connection form: N-internal thread connection type W-external thread connection type B-plate connection type;
5. Nominal pressure: 31.5Mpa or 21Mpa;
6. Suitable medium: mineral oil, water, hydraulic system, ethylene glycol and emulsion.

YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve type introduction
Code: Y--Hydraulic
Product code: JZQ--Ball stop valve
Nominal pressure: J--31.5Mpa, H-21Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN6,10,15,20,25,32,40,50,65mm
Connection type: N--Femle thread (NG--British pipe thread)
                            W--Male thread      
                            B--Board type

YJZQ Female thread hydraulic ball valve outline dimension
YJZQ Female hydraulic ball valve outline dimension

Type D1 D2 L1 L2 L3 L4 H1 H2 H3
YJZQ-J10N Ф10 M18×1.5 78 14 105 32 16 36 76
YJZQ-J15N Ф15 M22×1.5 86 16 147 38 19 45 80
YJZQ-J20N Ф20 M27×2 108 18 185 48 25 55 101
YJZQ-J25N Ф25 M33×2 116 20 185 57 28.5 64 111
YJZQ-J32N Ф32 M42×2 136 22 240 75 37.5 84 134
YJZQ-J40N Ф40 M48×2 148 24 240 85 42.5 95 165
YJZQ-J50N Ф50 M64×2 180 26 240 104 52 112.5 180
Note: if you need other size which is not in the list, please contact us to customize.
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