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KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve

  • Port size:DN15-DN50
  • Pressure:21Mpa, 31.5Mpa, 42Mpa
  • Structure:KHZ type
  • Medium:Hydraulic oil or others
  • Temperature :-20~100℃
  • Body material:Carbon steel,stainless steel,etc.
  • Connection:SAE Flange end
  • Feature:Customized order is acceptable.
KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve is used for 21Mpa, 31.5Mpa or 42Mpa high pressure medium. KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve is suitable for opening and closing of various pipelines in hydraulic system and chemical system. KH SAE Flange Hydraulic Ball Valve  is switch fast, convenient, small fluid resistance, is the least of all valves in the fluid resistance as long as the stem rotation 90°, the ball valve to complete the full open or full close action, it is easy to achieve fast opening and closing.Stem seal is reliable.The stem only rotates when the ball valve opens and closes, so the stem packing seal is not easy to be broken, and the stem reverse seal sealing force increases with the increase of medium pressure. KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve applicable medium: hydraulic oil, water - glycol, other mixed liquids.
Product name: 
KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve
Product Model: KHZ 
Drive mode: Manual
connection mode: SAE Flanged end 
Structure: Straight through
seal structure: soft se

Pressure range: 21Mpa, 31.5Mpa,42Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN10-100
Common materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and other

KHZ Type SAE Flange Ball Valve is suitable for hydraulic system and chemical system of all kinds of pipeline, for opening and closing.
Nominal pressure: PN 31.5 mpa test pressure: PS 48MPa  
working pressure: 31.5 mpa (
21Mpa, 31.5Mpa,42Mpa for optional)
Operating temperature: -20~+80C
(Note: Please explain when ordering high temperature ball valves)
Applicable medium: hydraulic oil, water, glycol, other mixed liquids