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CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valve

  • Port size:DN6-DN80
  • Pressure:31.5Mpa,21Mpa or others
  • Structure:One piece
  • Medium:hydraulic oil or others
  • Temperature :-20~+80℃ or higher temperature
  • Body material:A105 LF2 F304 F316 F316L or others
  • Connection:Flange or others
  • Feature:For high pressure hydraulic oil or others
CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valve introduction
CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valve is suitable for opening and closing of various pipelines in marine hydraulic system and chemical system.Switch fast, convenient, small fluid resistance, the marine hydraulic ball valve to complete the full open or full close action,CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valve is easy to achieve fast opening and closing.Stem seal is reliable.The stem only rotates when the hydraulic ball valve opens and closes, so the stem packing seal is not easy to be broken, and the stem reverse seal sealing force increases with the increase of medium pressure.CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valve is applicable medium: hydraulic oil, water - glycol, other mixed liquids.

CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valveTechnical parameters
1. Name and code: ball globe valve;
2. Medium temperature: -20℃ ~ +80℃ or high temperature;
3. Nominal size: 6 ~ 80mm;
4. Connection form: L-external thread connection type, F-flange connection type;
5. Nominal pressure: 31.5Mpa or 21Mpa;
6. Suitable medium: mineral oil, water, hydraulic system, ethylene glycol and emulsion.

CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valve type introduction
Code: C--Marine
Product code: JZQ--Ball stop valve
Nominal pressure: J--31.5Mpa, H-21Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN6,10,15,20,25,32,40,50,65,80mm
Connection type:  L--Male thread      

CJZQ Marine hydraulic ball valveoutline dimension (flange end)
Type D1 D2 D3 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 H S
CJZQ-H10F Ф9 Ф20 M27×1.5 100 62 14 2 105 86 46
CJZQ-H15F Ф14 Ф22 M30×1.5 105 64 16 2 147 99 52
CJZQ-H20F Ф18 Ф28 M36×2 121 74 18 2.5 185 108 60
CJZQ-H25F Ф23 Ф35 M42×2 135 80 20 2.5 185 118.5 70
CJZQ-H32F Ф30 Ф40 M52×2 160 96 22 2.5 240 137 84
CJZQ-H40F Ф38 Ф45 M60×2 180 106 24 2.5 240 148 96
CJZQ-H50F Ф48 Ф55 M72×2 205 105 26 2.5 240 172 120