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Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve

  • Port size:1/2'' ~ 8''( 15mm ~ 200mm)
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 40 CLASS 150/300LB
  • Structure:Full ceramic lined
  • Medium:Dust,slag,particle,fiber,ect.
  • Temperature :-20~300℃
  • Body material:WCB CF8 CF3 CF8M CF3M or others
  • Connection:Flange
  • Feature:Wear-resistance performance
Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve introduction
Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve is WCB or CF8 CF8M body full lined ceramic material,Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve is made of double acting or single acting pneumatic actuator and ceramic lined ball valve for on-off or reguating function to realize automation control,Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and erosion resistance.Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve is used in conveying system of acid, alkali and salt gas, liquid, high temperature steam and mud in petrochemical, metallurgical, papermaking, power station and oil refining industries.Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve has the advantages of high economy and long service life.we can design ceramic ball valve according to user's requirement. Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve is suitable for acid, alkali, salt liquid, gas medium environment, hard sealing ball valve is suitable for with particle, fiber medium environment.

Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve technical parameters
Nominal size of ball valve: DN15 ~ DN200 (0.5 "~ 8")
Pressure grade: PN10 ~ PN40 ANSI 150 ~ 300LB (lb)
Body material: Carbon steel WCB, A105 ,Stainless steel 304, 316, 304L, 316L
Ball valve inner material: structural ceramics
Connection: Flange connection
Drive mode: pneumatic(double acting or single acting)
Accessories:Positioner,solenoid valve,limit switch, air regulator.
Air supply:4-6 bar
Test pressure: strength test 1.5 times nominal pressure
Seal test 1.1 times nominal pressure
Ash test 1 times the nominal pressure
Ceramic ball valve service temperature: -20 ~ 300℃

Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve performance characteristics
1. The parts in contact with the medium are structural ceramic materials with high chemical stability and hardness.Therefore, the Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve has abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance performance, and good insulation, small thermal expansion.
2. The ball of Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve adopts grinding equipment and process, ball roundness is high, and the seat after grinding, using Zr02 ceramic self-smoothness, can obtain good sealing performance.
3, Changed the metal hard seal ball valve leakage, torque, sealing surface is not corrosion resistant shortcomings.
4. Good wear resistance of ceramics, so that the Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve can be used long.
5. Pneumatic actuator ceramic ball valve is for high hardness of the particle medium, or soft particles but also corrosive medium.

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