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Advantages and disadvantages of ball valve


Ball valve can be used in different types of fluid services as an on-off stop valve that provides bubble-tight shutoff. Ball valve can be used in air, gaseous, and vapor services as well as hydrocarbon services. Meanwhile ball valve can be used in high-pressure & temperature applications.
Here we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of ball valve

Ball valve advantages

1.Ball valve is quick to open and close type that provides bubble-tight reliable sealing in high-pressure temperature applications.
2.Ball valve is smaller and lighter than a gate valve of the same size and rating.
3.Several designs of ball valve offer the flexibility of selection so that you can choose the valve that suits your requirements.
4.Easy to operate and Cost-effective maintenance.

Ball valve disadvantages

1.Ball valve cannot be used in service that required throttling.
2.In slurry or other similar applications, the suspended particles can settle and become trapped in body cavities causing wear, leakage, or valve failure.
3.Due to rapid opening and closing, surge pressures may arise which could damage downstream equipment.

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