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Butt weld end fully welded ball valve

  • Port size:2"~48" (DN50~DN1200)
  • Pressure:CL150-CL2500
  • Structure:Trunnion mounted ball
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-40~200℃,-60~200℃
  • Body material:A105 LF2 F304 F316 F316L or others
  • Connection:Butt weld or others
  • Feature:Underground installation is optional
China fully welded ball valve manufacturer,factory and supplier,Butt weld end fully welded ball valve is trunnion mounted,forging and welding structure, which is 10~20% lighter than the bolted structure and smaller in volume.Butt weld end fully welded ball valve reduces the leakage point outside the ball valve and improves the reliability of the ball valve.Different driving modes can meet the control requirements of different industries and mines.Butt weld end fully welded ball valve is widely used in gas pipelines with severe corrosion such as hydrogen sulfide and buried pipelines, and have a long service life.
Butt weld end fully welded ball valve technical parameter
Size:NPS 4″~NPS 60″,
Pressure class: CL150~CL2500  
Design standard:API 6D
Length of structure:API 6D
For product beyond the scope of the standard, it shall be manufactured by specifications in manufacturer's standard or user's requirements.
Flange connecting end:ASME B16.5/ASME B16.47
Butt welding connecting end:ASME B16.25/ ASME B31.8
Wall thickness:ASME B16.34
Fire safe test:API 607/API 6FA
Inspection and test:API 6D
Pressure and temperature rating:ASME B16.34
Main body material:A105、LF2、F304、F316、F304L、F316L、F51,etc.
Ball Valve seat material:PTFE、RPTFE、NYLON、DEVLON、Derlin、PEEK、PPL、HNBR、FKM or metal hard seal etc.
Drive device:handle, worm wheel, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic- hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, etc.
Butt weld end fully welded ball valve structure characteristics
1. The pressure parts and control parts are forged, and the parts are of higher quality.
2. Automatic welding assembly is adopted between each section of the ball valve body to make the valve body stronger, safe and reliable without leakage.
3. Directly buried welding ball valve can be directly buried in the ground, without the need to build a valve well, the operating mechanism and discharge port, grease port are led to the ground, does not affect the operation and maintenance can greatly save construction costs and construction time.
4. Welding connection is adopted for ball valve and pipeline, which is safe and reliable and eliminates the risk of leakage of flange connection.
5. Trunnion mounted ball valve, piston seat, flexible operation, reliable sealing.
6. Anti-static function, and comply with API 607 fire protection requirements.
7. Fully welded ball valve with grease injection auxiliary sealing device.

Butt weld end fully welded ball valve structure
Fully welded ball valve structure

Butt weld end fully welded ball valve design optional
RF, RTJ as per B16.5 &B16.47
BW, Butt Welded as per B16.25
Forged welded two-piece and three-piece
Soft or metal seated with hard facing on Ball and Seats
Self relieving seats
Double piston seats
Double block and bleed design (DBB)
Secondary seals in pure Graphite
Anti-static device
Anti-blowout stem
Emergency sealant injection on seats and stem available
Low fugitive emission stem packing available
CRA overlay on all dynamic sealing areas or on all wetted parts available
Stem extension for underground installations
Manual: wrench or gear with padlocking
Actuated: Pneumatic/ Hydraulic/Electric

Butt weld end fully welded ball valve under production
Fully welded underground ball valve  Fully welded underground ball valve