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2PC forged steel floating ball valve

  • Port size:1/2"~12" (DN15~DN300)
  • Pressure:CL150-CL2500
  • Structure:Floating,FB/RB,2PC
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-196~450℃
  • Body material:A105 LF2 F304 F316 F316L or others
  • Connection:Flange
  • Feature:Forged steel, side entry
2PC forged steel floating ball valve introduction
2PC forged steel floating ball valve adopt 2 pc ,floating bore structure with full bore or reduced bore, 2PC forged steel floating ball valve is Single beveled elastomer seal ring ,V-groove elastomer seal ring structure or plate spring preloaded movable metal seat structure.When the medium pressure is too small, the contact area between the sealing ring and the sphere is small, so there is a larger sealing specific pressure to ensure a reliable seal. When the medium pressure is large, the contact area between the sealing ring and the sphere increases, so that the sealing ring of 2PC forged steel floating ball valve can be subjected to a larger medium thrust and will not be damaged.Because the sealing ring materials have good self-lubrication and small friction loss with the ball, the service life of the 2PC forged steel floating ball valve is long.According to the needs of customers, 2PC forged steel floating ball valve can be designed to be suitable for the structure containing solid particles, slurry and other media to resist high temperature structure.

2PC forged steel floating ball valve Specification: 
Product Name 2PC forged steel floating ball valve
1. Material A105,F304,F316,F51,F53 etc. 
2. Size 1/2~12 inch ( DN15~DN300)
3. Port Full Port
4. Working Pressure 150LB~2500LB
5. Connection Ends Flange
6. Working Temp.  -196~450ºC, or according to customer requirements for different industry. 
7. Suitable Medium Water, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid
8. Operation Handle operated, Locking device is option
9. Inspection & Testing According to API598
2PC forged steel floating ball valve Technical Specification: 
1. Design & Manufacture standard: API 6D, API 608, BS 5351. 
2. Pressure & Temperature standard: ASME B16.34. 
3. Face to face dimension standard: ASME B16.10. 
4. Flange standard: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47. 
5. Test & Inspect standard: API 598, API 6D. 
2PC forged steel floating ball valve performance
1. The forging material of 2PC forged steel floating ball valve ensures sufficient hardness and strength without internal defects under the maximum rated operating pressure.Adequate wall thickness determines the body to different high strength bolted valve systems for ease of maintenance and adequate to bear pressure piping valves with carefully designed internals, selected in a variety of working conditions of reliability.
2. Fire safety structure:
The 2PC forged steel floating ball valve is in normal use, with its seat and spherical method stamped, seat retainer O-ring and stamped body, which is a soft seal, seal reliable when seats and O-ring injuries, seat retainer and body will be stamped with expanded graphite for fire safety purposes.
3. Anti-static device:
To prevent friction between the ball, the rod and teflon generate static electricity that could ignite flammable objects and explosives, causing an accident, between the 2PC forged steel floating ball valve, the static conduction spring between the stem and the ball, the stem and the body and therefore static electricity is guaranteed for ground and system safety.

2PC forged steel floating ball valve design feature
1. Free leakage body sealing structure:
Smooth, valve on/off position with double stamped gaskets and O-rings on body and bonnet, such causes as fire, high temperature, shock absorption and uneven opening or closing torque will not cause external leakage.
2. Low operating torque:
Self-lubricating bearings are mounted on friction stem cells, resulting in wear resistance, flexible operation and low torque.
3. Relieve automatic valve body recess:
When the 2PC forged steel floating ball valve body pressure rises abnormally, such as unstable factors, the downstream seat of the trunking ball valve will be subjected to normal pressure, while the abnormal automatic release of pressure will not damage the sealing upstream seat.
4. Various driver types:
The 2PC forged steel floating ball valve top pad is designed according to ISO 5211 to facilitate the exchange and connection of various drives. The common drive types are manual, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic/hydraulic.

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